Click’n Tile has made it incredibly easy to change tiles yourself. Change your shapes, colors and patterns when you want and as often as you want. Only the imagination sets limits.

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You can create your own personal design with Click’n Tile – mix and match exactly as you please.

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10 x 10 tiles

Metro tiles

Accessories – First time gang

Designerkit – All included

About the product

Click’n Tile is a creative tile design that combines the traditional tile with modern technology and design. Our beautiful tiles are produced in a plastic material that can be reused, with a matte surface structure.
The philosophy behind Click’n Tile is to make it playfully easy to design, install and furnish yourself – regardless of whether you live in a rented or owner-occupied home . Our tiles are easy to install, and regardless of whether you have experience with DIY or whether you are venturing into a new world, we have made the task both fun, inspiring and playfully easy.

Click’n Tile works to minimize our footprint in the world.

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