Customer service Tel: +45 31 20 78 74 | Order today – we send the goods tomorrow !

Customer service Tel: +45 31 20 78 74
Order today – we send the goods tomorrow !

Click’n Tile is a new concept that will revolutionize the way you think about tiles.

About Click’n Tile

Click’n Tile was founded in 2017 by Lars Thomsen, who got the idea for the concept when he himself was in need of an easy and quick solution to renovate his kitchen. Lars is originally a craftsman, and has many years of experience as product manager at Dyrup and Gori and is therefore an expert in thinking in the development of surfaces.

Since the introduction of the product in 2020, Click’n Tile has achieved many accolades.
2020 – Design favorite of the year at “Bolig Magasinet”
2020 – Been to “Gó Morgen Danmark”
2021 – Been to Lion’s Den and got the feedback “the most innovative product this season”
2021 – Won Gold at the German Design Award in the category “Material and Surfaces”

The concept

Click’n Tile is a tile system that you can do all by yourself. Click’nTile allows you to follow the colour trends of the time, and because you can change colours and expressions quickly and easily, you do not need professionals to help you.

Click’n Tile is brilliant in the kitchen, and the tiles can be easily clicked of and put into the dishwasher. The tiles are mounted on a specially designed backing plate, and when the tiles are mounted on it, there is no need to add grout.

Click’n Tile is also beautiful in the hallway, or as decoration in your other rooms. We have designed colour groups that complement each other, allowing you to mix colours and create patterns to show of your own personal style and taste.