At Click’n Tile, social responsibility and care for the environment are an important part of our DNA and a core value. That is why we actively support the UN’s global goals. We particularly support the desire to create a responsible business/production that burdens society and the environment as little as possible.

As a tile manufacturer, it is world goals no. 8 and 12 where we can especially make a difference. For us, the world goals act as an additional motivational factor in the work towards a more responsible business.

“Click’n Tile has made it easy and sustainable to change style. After installing the back plate, you can click their tiles off and on again and again. The tiles require less energy to produce, can be recycled, and are 4-10 times lighter than conventional tiles, which means that transporting them emits less CO2. The mounting plate is made of the same plastic material as the tile and makes it possible to produce new plates from excess from the tiles.” quote from the Danish housing magazine Bo Better.


To minimize waste, you can now return your used Click’n Tile tiles and receive a credit certificate of DKK 1 per tile.

Once we have received and registered your tiles, you will receive an email where you can see what is on your account. This amount will be deducted from your next purchase.