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The tiles are available in 20 colours in 5 different colour collections.

Click’n Tile tiles measure 10×10 cm and the back plate is available in two sizes 90×60 cm and 180×60 cm. In addition to the backplate and tiles, a special glue is needed for mounting the backplate. The glue can also be purchased here in the web shop.

In the box on the right you can calculate how many tiles and backplates you’ll need for your project.

If you have any additional questions or would like a quote for a specific project, Lars will be ready to answer your questions via email: We are also happy to call you if you need it.

What do I need and what does it cost?

If you want an overview of what you need, the attached document may help. Simply fill in the fields indicated in blue.


Basically, the classic tile is available in four colours: white, black and 2 shades of grey. Basically, it is the perfect choice for those who are minimalist, want a simplistic look or just want to try our tiles.


Smooth’ish are for those who love pink shades and want a feminine look. Smooth’ish consists of 4 shades of pink – from light pink to dark burgundy. This collection is brilliant in a kitchen that needs a bit of a feminine touch.


Greeny is a delicious collection of 3 green shades, especially nice for wooden kitchens, but also white kitchens. Greeny adds a warm look that gives you the feeling that nature is moving in. The collection is especially suitable for those who love plants and herbs.


The blues collection is elegant and can really make a difference in a black or white kitchen. With lots of black and steel coloured surfaces, the Blues collection will soften the harder look, without being too colourful or too feminine. The blues collection is available in 4 shades, from light blue to deep dark blue.

Twenty Twenty Collection

The Twenty Twenty Collection is, as the name suggests, 2020’s hottest colors. These 5 colors are beautiful individually, but also together in a beautiful pattern. The Twenty Twenty Collection clearly shows that the advantage of Click’n Tile is that you can be more brave than you would otherwise be.

The Twenty Twenty Collection is available from September 2020, but can be pre-ordered.


Limited Edition

Limited Edition is for those who want the beautiful and unique. Limited Edition is a fantastic print where you create big change with simple changes. Limited Edition is only available in very limited quantities and is sold as a single piece.


This elegant tile gives you a truly exclusive look in your kitchen. The brass tile is beautiful to use with the other four colour combinations, and there are endless possibilities for free play. An example could be breaking a solid-coloured tile wall with a series of brass tiles or letting a number of brass tiles mark where the colours change.

Bagplade / andet

The backplate and the special adhesive are the basis for a good result. We also recommend that you buy the suction cup, because you will love it when you need to change the design of your tiles.

Danish design

Our customers are saying:

“We are so happy about our tile-wall, and we get a lot of praise for it from friends and family. Everyone who has seen our kitchen say, “what a fun Lego type of wall” ” and then they all say – “that’s so brilliant and cool”. 🙂 “I truly think it is the way forward when choosing tiles.”


“FINALLY! After 3 years as a homeowner and 5 attempts to fix the back wall, I am finally satisfied. I owe Lars from Click’n Tile a thanks for saving my marriage – there are obviously limits to my husband’s patience.”